Energy Saving tips for Side by Side Refrigerator

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

 Energy Saving tips for Side by Side Refridgerator




Install the appliance in a cool, dry room with adequate ventilation.

Ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight and never put it near a direct source ofheat (radiator, for example).

Never block any vents or grilles on the appliance.

Allow warm food to cool down before placing it in the appliance.

Put frozen food in the refrigerator to thaw.You can then use the low temperatures of thefrozen products to cool food in the refrigerator.

Do not keep the door of the appliance open for too long when putting food in or takingfood out.

The shorter time for which the door is open, the less ice will form in the freezer.

Clean the rear of the refrigerator regularly. Dust increases energy consumption.

Do not set temperature colder than necessary.

Ensure sufficient air exhaust at the refrigerator base and at the back wall of therefrigerator. Do not cover air vent openings.

Allow clearance to the right, left, back and top when installing. This will help reduce

power consumption and keep your energy bills lower.

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