Good Sleep mode in my air conditioner

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

Using the good'sleep function will lead you to a comfortable time in bed. At the same time, this feature will save energy while you are sleeping.

Experience the good'sleep mode

The good'sleep mode is a special feature for the most comfortable sleep by automatically adjusting the temperature and humidity. This feature maintains optimal body temperature for maximum rest. In addition, it is able to reduce the energy consumption by 36% compared to the conventional cooling mode.


Note: The actual design of the remote control may differ based on the model you have.

Falling Asleep Stage (A)
In this stage, the feature eases you into sleep by dropping the temperature. The temperature will decrease to 1-2° C from the set temperature. The duration of this stage is up to 1 hour.

Sound Sleep stage (B)
In this stage, your body temperature will be raised slightly. The air conditioner automatically raises the temperature 1-2° C from the set temperature. The duration is 2 to 7 hours and it can be adjusted independently by the user.

Wake up stage (C)
This stage allows you to wake up with comfortable intermittent air and makes you feel refreshed. The temperature rises to 3° C to the set temperature and fluctuates within this range.


Note: This feature varies depending on the model that you have. (Cooling only model does not operate the heating mode.)

**** 1. Select the Cool ** Heat **** by ***** the by **** button.


**** 2. Push *** Timer button 3 times, *** it **** show the sleep icon.


Step 3. Sleeping time is *** by using *** arrow button. As you press the SET button, *** sleep **** ** confirmed.


Step 4. ****** the temperature ** pressing the + or - button. 



  • The default operation hours *** set to 8 hours.
  • *********** set temperature is ******* 25-27° C for cooling and 21-23° C for heating.
  • Wind-**** ** not ******** ** heat mode.

Step 5. If you want to use Wind-Free good'***** mode, press the Wind-Free button. (Wind-Free models only)


**** 6. Press the SET/Cancel button ** activate and deactivate the mode.


  • ** you don't press the SET/Cancel ****** within 10 seconds after pressing *** good'/*** sleep button, the air conditioner will return to *** previous status.
  • The actual ****** of the remote control may differ ***** on the model you have.

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