How to level the refrigerator?

Last Update date : Nov 04. 2021

If your refrigerator is well leveled, you can avoid water leakage problems, cooling problems, noise problems, and damage to the refrigerator. Please see how to adjust the level below.

Tools needed to level the refrigerator

tools needed to level

(1) A carpenter's level is required to level the refrigerator left to right.

(2) A flat-head screwdriver is required to turn the legs.

(3) A Phillips screwdriver may be required if a kickplate needs to be removed.

Location of the leveling legs

The leveling legs are located underneath the refrigerator at the front.

  • For easier access to the leveling legs on Side by Side and Four-Door models, open both doors.
  • If the refrigerator has a front leg cover, it needs to be removed for easier access to the leveling legs. This will vary between models, as some covers do not have to be removed to access the legs. To remove the front leg cover, remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver, and then lift it up from the bottom and pull it out.
location of the leveling legs

Adjust the leveling legs

Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the slot in the leveling leg control lever and adjust the level by turning the control lever clockwise or counterclockwise.

  • When you rotate the Lever clockwise, you raise the refrigerator.
  • When you rotate the Lever counterclockwise, you lower the refrigerator.
adjust the leveling legs

If the refrigerator is not level back and front, put a solid panel (such as a plastic panel, a plastic ruler, etc.) on the floor where the rear legs will rest, and then fix it in place with plastic tape.


  • When you push the refrigerator back in, make sure the rear legs rest on the panel.
  • If you have a wooden floor or similar soft floor, take care not to damage the floor when pushing the Refrigerator into place.

Make sure the refrigerator is level

  • Using a carpenter's level, make sure the refrigerator is level left to right. Make sure to check the level of the main unit and not the doors (which can be adjusted separately).
  • If the refrigerator is not level, determine which side is higher, and on that side, rotate the leveling leg to the right and check the level again. Continue to adjust until the refrigerator is level.
  • Do not level the refrigerator front to back. When leveled correctly, the refrigerator will have a front-to-back slant, with the front of the refrigerator higher than the back.

Note: Do not forget to reinstall the front leg cover (if you removed one).

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