How to install Samsung Refrigerator

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

Having your refrigerator installed and leveled correctly would much improve the running efficiency of your fridge and reduce the chances of issues arising. If you require more information, please find a user manual or contact the customer center.

Set up your refrigerator

Spacer Attach

Attach spacers to improve the performance of the refrigerator.


  • For better operation of the doors, set the refrigerator slightly higher at the front.
  • Adjustments can be made by turning feet clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Power supply

  • Before inserting power cord plug into the power supply socket, make sure the power supply socket is firm and in good condition.
  • Insert power cord plug into the power supply socket, open the refrigerator door and make sure the light is on.

Set temperature

After one hour, set the refrigerator to desired temperatures.


  • Allow sufficient space.
  • Right, left, and rear side: 50mm
  • Top side: 100mm
  • This may differ depending on your refrigerator and measuring method.


  • Refrigerator designs shown in this video may differ depending on your region.
  • Please read warnings and important safety instructions in the user manual thoroughly.
  • Where possible and by law, an electrical safety test should be conducted prior to powering it on. 

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