What should I do when my dishwasher is not draining well?

Last Update date : Apr 25. 2022

When your dishwasher is blocked or isn't draining well, follow the instructions below. If your dishwasher still won't drain, contact the nearest Samsung service center for professional service.

Basic things to check

If your dishwasher isn't draining, check the filter or drain area inside the dishwasher first. In addition, information codes may appear on the display. This may happen because of an incorrectly installed drain hose. Make sure to keep the filter and drain area clean from any food or debris.

Clean the filter

There are three components of the filtering system: the main filter, coarse filter, and fine filter. These filters efficiently remove food particles from the water, allowing it to be recirculated during the cycle. For this reason, it is a good idea to remove the larger food particles trapped in the filter after each wash cycle by rinsing the semicircular filter and cup under running water. 

  • Coarse filter (A): Larger items, such as glass, which could clog the drain are trapped in the coarse filter. To remove an item caught in this filter, gently squeeze the tabs on top of this filter and lift it out.
  • Main filter (B): Food and soil particles trapped by this filter are pulverized by a special jet on the lower spray arm and washed down the drain.
  • Fine filter (C): This filter holds soil and food residue in the sump area and prevents it from being redeposited on the dishes during a cycle.
  • Sump area (D): The small particles of the food can trap in this area. It may cause the water blockage. Check the sump area and remove any foreign objects inside.
filter compartment


  • Do not put the fine filter in upside down.
  • You may wish to use protective gloves when removing the filters or check the sump area. 
  • The actual design of the filter may differ from the model that you have.

How to clean

Step 1. To remove the filter assembly, turn it in a counterclockwise direction and lift the filter assembly up.

detach the filters

Step 2. Cleaning the coarse filter and fine filter in running water (or use a soft brush to remove the debris).

filter cleaning in running water

Step 3. Reinsert the entire assembly in the dishwasher, positioning in its seat, pressing downward, and turning it clockwise.


  • The entire filter assembly should be cleaned regularly.
  • Never run the dishwasher without the filters in place.
  • When cleaning the filters, do not damage them.
Check the drain hose

In case the drain hose is folded, it unable to drain the water properly. Also, if the sink is clogged or the water is left in the machine, the water cannot drain well. Check the connection between the dishwasher and the sink carefully. If the drain hose is kinked or bent, straighten the drain hose.

check the drain hose connection
Check the information code (5C, 5E)

When the information code 5C, 5E, SC, SE appears on the display, it means the dishwasher cannot drain properly. (Only models with a digital display can display an information code as an actual code.)


  • Inspect the dishwasher's drain connection at the sink.
  • Check the drain hose.
  • Clean the drain, filter, and sump in the tub.

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