What should I do when the oven panel doesn't react when pressed?

Last Update date : Mar 11. 2022

There are a variety of causes for the oven's panels not functioning when pressed. Please check the causes and solutions below.

  • Check if the panel is locked (Child lock).
    - The shape of the Control Lock varies by model but it is usually indicated by a lock icon, code L (or Lock), or both.
loc on the display
- How to turn off the child lock: Press the child lock button for 3 seconds.
   The way of unlocking may differ depending on the model.
child lock icon
  • Check the available panels for the current function.
    - Some models only light up the buttons that are currently available and will ignore all input from other buttons because they are not available at that time. In addition, there may be buttons that cannot be selected depending on the selected function and setting order.
- The most common reason the button that you want to activate does not work.
1) Pyrolytic cleaning, meat probe, and many other functions will not work if a divider is inserted.
2) Twin cooking only works when a divider is inserted. The cooking modes that can be set differ depending on the cavity (Single, Upper, Lower) selection.
3) Meat probe function works only when the probe is inserted into the oven. (Other settings, like Pyrolytic cleaning, will be disabled when the probe is inserted.)
4) If the display shows '----', check the temperature setting according to the cooking mode again.
  • Check if there is any foreign matter caught between the buttons.
    - Remove the foreign matter and try again.
  • In case of a touch model, check if the panel is wet.
    - Remove the moisture and then try again.
  • Check if the C-d0 code has occurred.
    - C-d0 code occurs when a button is pressed and held for a period of time.
              - Clean the buttons and make sure that there is no water on/around them. Then, turn off the oven and try again.  


- If the panel still does not work after checking the above solutions, turn off the oven, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

- If the issue continues, please contact the Samsung service center.


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