Why Do I Clean Or Replace My Dryer Vent?

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

Why Do I Clean Or Replace My Dryer Vent?



1.  The dryer vent must be clean to insure proper dryer performance. The images below are a typical dryer vent having excessive amount of lint.


Too much Lint on the vent can cause one of the following results:

    • Inefficient performance of the dryer

    • Higher energy consumption owing to bad ventilation

    • Longer cycle run time.

    • Overheating on the burner

    • A fire on the vent inside

2.  Please note that the end that connects to the dryer does not appear to be much of a concern. However, the other end of the vent which is connected to the duct that goes through the wall requires your extra attention because it might be in a serious condition.

3.  Please check whether the excessive lint has been accumulated in the vent or not.

4.  To clean the vent, disjoint the vent into several parts and clean the inside of the vents with a vacuum cleaner.



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