How can I set Auto Call forwarding feature?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

Enable Call forwarding automatically while your Gear S is disconnected from your mobile device.

This will forward incoming calls from your mobile device to your Gear until the

devices are reconnected. To activate Auto call forwarding feature automatically,

Samsung account should be signed in and Remote connection feature is enabled

on your device since your Gear must be connected to your mobile device remotely,

using Mobile date or Wi-Fi together with your Samsung account via

Remote connection feature


To use Auto Call forwarding feature, follow the below steps;


< Method 1- On the Gear S side>

       On the All apps screen, tap Settings → Call → Auto call forwarding →Select Enable check box


<Method 2- On the Mobile device side>

      1.Tap Samsung Gear and then tap Settings.

      2. Tap Auto call forwarding.

      3. Select Enable check box .

      4. To enable Auto call forwarding, Gear S must be connected to Mobile device

          via Remote connection. If you didn’t enable the Remote connection feature,

          the pop-up window about Remote connection appears. To enable, tap OK.

      5. Tap Back button to go to set Remote connection.


      6. Tap Use Remote connection. By Remote connection feature,

           your Gear is connected to your mobile device

           remotely, using Mobile date or Wi-Fi together with your Samsung account.

      7. To enable Remote connection on Gear S, you should sign in to your Samsung account.

           If you didn’t sign in Samsung account,  the pop-up window for sign in to

           Samsung account appears. Tap OK.

      8. If you already have a Samsung account, tap Sign in.

          (Note - If you don’t have a Samsung account, you should create account first)

      9. Enter your Samsung account information, then tap Sign in.


      10. If Samsung account is signed in and Remote connection is enabled, you can enable the Auto call forwarding feature. Tap the Enable

      11. Tick Enable check box.

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