How do I control touch bezel?

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020
1 Your Galaxy Watch Active2’s screen includes the touch bezel, located on the edge of the screen.
Swipe clockwise or anticlockwise on the touch bezel to easily control the Galaxy Watch Active2’s various functions.
On the Apps screen, tap the Settings icon → Advanced → Touch bezel, and tap the switch to activate it.

NOTE: Do not use the touch bezel near magnetic fields as they may interfere with the touch bezel’s internal magnets and cause it to malfunction.
If the touch bezel does not work, take it to a Samsung Service Center without disassembling the Galaxy Watch Active2.
2 Scrolling through screens
Swipe on the touch bezel to view other screens. On the Watch screen, swipe on the touch bezel anticlockwise to view notification.
3 Selecting an item
Swipe on the touch bezel to move from item to item. When you swipe on the touch bezel, the highlight indicator will move in same direction and an item will be highlighted.
4 Adjusting the input value
Swipe on the touch bezel to adjust the volume or brightness. When adjusting the brightness, swipe on the touch bezel clockwise to make the screen brighter.

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