How do I safely replace the band of the Galaxy Fitⓔ?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

Detach the band from the Galaxy Fitⓔ to replace it with a new one.


1 While holding the Galaxy Fitⓔ, gently pull on one of the band connections to lift it up.
Galaxy Fit e band

• Be sure to pull out the band close to the screen. Pulling the end of the band may damage the band.

• Keep the Galaxy Fitⓔ stable and remove the band. Otherwise, the Galaxy Fitⓔ may be damaged
during band replacement.

2 Insert one side of the band into one side of the Galaxy Fitⓔ and gently pull out the opposite side of the band connection and then fit it to the other side of the Galaxy Fitⓔ.
Galaxy Fit e band

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