How do I sync my Google™ or Yahoo!® contacts to my Device with Kies

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

A : You can sync the contacts between your device and either your Google™ Account or your Yahoo!®



Note: This process will only sync your Google Account or other online service contacts to the device and

display them in your phone contacts. It will not sync your phone contacts to your Google or other online

services account. Contacts synchronized to your device from your Google Account or other online services

will not be synchronized with your online account. If you have set up a Google Account or Yahoo! Account on

your device, you cannot sync it using Kies. This feature is not available when using Kies for Mac®.


1. Connect the device to your computer.

2. Open Kies.

3. Click the Sync tab

4. Mark the checkbox next to Sync contacts with and click the drop-down box to select either Google or


5. Enter the username and password for the account and click OK.

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