How do I use the Side key panel of one-handed operation on the Galaxy Note Edge?

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

1. You can use your device more easily with one hand by having the

hard key and other selected functions appear as buttons at the side of the screen.

Tap the Apps on Home screen and tap Settings

2. Select the Display and wallpaper

3. Select the One-handed operation

4. Select the Side key panel

5. Scroll the switch to the right direction to enable the side key panel


6. To set up your screen for One-handed operation, hold the device in one hand.

    Slide your thumb from the edge of the screen to the middle and back, in one quick motion.

    Now, you can use and control your device easily with one hand.

7. Tap in the corner of the screen and drag the screen to the size you want.

    To move the screen,  tap and hold the bar at the top of the reduced screen.

    To return to full screen view, tap the expand icon.


6. Alternatively,  you can use the notification panel to enable side key panel.

    Pull down the status bar from the top of the screen using two fingers.

7. Tap Side key panel.

8. Currently, you can check the side key panel


9. Now , you can control your device use your device with one hand by having the

 hard key as buttons at the side of the screen.  If Quick minimize option is enabled,

 you can tap anywhere outside of the side key panel to minimize it.

To expand, swipe across the side key panel from the near edge to the

middle of the screen.

10. To move the side key panel, Tap and hold the movement icon then

drag it to where you want.

11. To set up transparency of the side key panel , tap the Transparency then

use the slider to adjust transparency of panel.


12. You can customize which buttons appear on your side key panel.

Tap the Manage keys.

13. Tap and hold icon, then drag the buttons to add, remove, or re-order them.

 For example, to add them to the panel ,  drag icons from the Available

 keys area to the Shown on panel area.
14. To edit or remove the side key panel quickly, Tap and hold
movement icon on

side key panel, then drag it to Edit or Remove on top.

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