Regarding S Pen feature, what is improved on Galaxy Note5 compared to Galaxy Note4?

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

The Galaxy Note5 supports a fun, intuitive way to access S pen features.

When the S pen gets detached, the floating icon appears on the screen.

Just simply tap the floating icon to open Air Command from any screen.

The S Pen functions are only 2 steps away from any screen. You can move the floating

icon and place it wherever you want. Galaxy Note5's S Note feature have been simplified

focused on main options and it lets user who use S Note first adapt easily.

(Full features are also downloadable). The Galaxy Note5 supports a feature which lets you

simply capture a lengthy content and  seamlessly capture a lengthy a lengthy article/IM/document

without scrolling and save it as a single image file. And, you can easily access S Pen functions

from any screen via floating icon. S Pen have been also improved on recognition speed

and lets you write using smaller pressure. And it lets you write more dedicated texts.

Mechanically, it's slimmer and luxury by metallic design.

Thank you for your feedback!