My DLP Is Overheating

Last Update date : Oct 30. 2020

If your DLP TV is overheating, turn your TV off, then check to see if the ventilation hole on the rear of the set is blocked. If it is, unblock it, wait a half hour, then turn the TV on and see if it continues to overheat.

Note: If the set is overheating, it will automatically shut off if the temperature gets too high.

Also, see if the indicator LEDs are blinking and if they are indicating that the fan inside is not working properly.

If, after you have cleared the ventilation hole, the set continues to overheat, or if the Indicator LEDs indicate the fan isn't working correctly, your TV needs to be serviced. To arrange a service appointment, call Samsung Customer Care at 0860-SAMSUNG (726-786).

For information on what pattern of blinking LED indicator lights indicates that the fan on your DLP TV isn't working correctly, see the chart below.

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