Compact Core

Agile delivery of an
for private networks


The demand for private networks powered by 5G is rising with the continued expansion of industrial digitalization. Samsung Compact Core is a network -in-a-box solution which provides easy deployment and efficient operation. It is a dedicated core for customers who wish to build a customized system to meet their specific requirements but still maintain the main functions of the macro core such as authentication, charging, and policing, in a single server. It also offers a 4G/5G common core function and can operate as a 4G EPC, 5G NSA or 5G SA, thus enabling seamless migration without hardware replacement. In addition to such features, Samsung also integrates an Edge Enabler Server (EES) for mobile edge computing (MEC), application server, cloud platform, and Element Management System (EMS) to the single-server solution. With the Compact Core, customers can gain access to network services, which are isolated, private, high-performing and secure all with affordable initial investments.

Empowering Easy and Efficient
Network Operation

  • Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), CU Integration

    For heightened security, enterprise customers may want to manage network traffic in their own data center. Samsung Compact Core includes both the central unit (CU) and the user plane function (UPF), which is a key enabler to building a private network entirely on premise. As all parts of the network are placed in the field, data processing efficiency is improved and low latency is guaranteed, and so, a MEC environment is naturally established for running latency sensitive services.

  • Remote management

    To manage private network systems operating on servers in enterprise customers’ premises, remote monitoring and management functions are highly required. This enables to reduce the need for engineers to physically visit sites and leads to minimized OPEX. Samsung Compact Core supports such remote management functions to meet the demands of the market.

  • Public cloud

    Based on its cloud native architecture, Samsung Compact Core can operate on diverse, commercial public cloud platforms. Over time, Samsung will be able to support more diverse cloud platforms and allow customers to choose from a wider pool of platforms.

Diverse Deployment Options

The architecture and function of a private network may vary depending on customers’ requirements such as security level, service latency, and operating cost. To meet these needs, Samsung Compact Core supports diverse deployment options. Basically, enterprise customers who decide to build a more private and isolated network in their own data center can choose to build the entire network, which consists of the control plane and user plane functions, on premise or just opt for building user plane functions. This provides the most powerful security and privacy measures in terms of handling information as well as ensuring full control of the system. It also enables a simplified data processing path and reduces as much latency as possible.

Otherwise, if a private network is built at a mobile network operator’s (MNO’s) data center, enterprises are able to subscribe to the service at a minimal cost, as they only need to cover periodic maintenance fees for using a logically isolated network. Since multiple companies use common network facilities, overall security could be vulnerable compared to building a network on premise. However, as almost all of the important functions that manage different QoS and billing policies are provided through logically separated private networks, this option can still be a viable, efficient solution for small enterprise customers.

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