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What is Microphone Control on Galaxy devices?

Pro Video mode on Galaxy smartphones gives you more in-depth control over how you shoot your videos, and with Microphone Control, you can control the sound that accompanies your videos, too. When you open the Camera on your Galaxy Note20, Note20 Ultra, and Z Fold2, tap Pro Video mode, then tap the Microphone Control icon. You will see up to five options for sound recording: omnidirectional, front, rear, USB microphone, and Bluetooth microphone.

Omnidirectional uses the phone's built-in microphone to record the sound from all directions. Front records sound from the front of the phone, like when you're shooting a vlog, while Rear records sounds happening behind the phone, like when you're using the Rear Camera. You can also plug in a USB microphone and utilize that instead of the built-in microphones, or use a Bluetooth microphone, like the ones inside Galaxy Buds Live, for even more focused sound recording.

In addition to using internal or external microphones, you can control the sound levels while recording as well — simply slide the sound bar found underneath the microphone icons to capture audio with even more control.

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