See the bigger picture

Remember how great the viewing experience felt on a 65" TV? We've got great news! That experience just got a whole lot bigger. Enjoy a brighter, bigger screen. A viewing experience like never before. Treat your eyes to a stunning 85".

ADD 20"

If life gets bigger as you go along, so should your TV. If you love your big screen right now, add 20" more and change the way you watch, play and relax.

The shopper's choice is to go

People want larger TVs.

A resounding 8 out of 10 consumers made the switch to a bigger screen.

No one regrets going big.

What's more? 98% of consumers who bought a 75 inch+ TV said they
are highly satisfied with their purchase.

* The above contents are based on research conducted by Samsung and IA Collaborative.

Why choose a Super Big TV?

Everything looks better when it's bigger

Thrills of the stadium experience at home.

Bring the excitement of live action into your living room with clear and brilliant picture quality.

Bigger is better anywhere

Discover how Super Big TV enhances any environment.

Samsung has redefined the big screen

Samsung creates exceptional innovations that enhance your Super Big TV experience.

True 8K Resolution

Dive into a new dimension of reality with QLED 8K. Packed with an incredible 33 million pixels, it's a whole new visual experience that gives you a taste of true realism up close – and that’s glorious on large screens.*

*Available only in QLED 8K series.

AI Upscaling

See all the content you love in breath-taking detail with Samsung QLED's unique AI-powered Quantum Processor. From the nightly news to that classic movie, AI Upscaling enhances the resolution of everything you’re watching to 8K/4K. So no matter how big your QLED TV screen is, you’ll always see every stunning detail and get a truly immersive viewing experience.*

*AI Upscaling available only with QLED Series (excluding Q65T/Q60T). AI Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode.

Game mode

Enjoy your games on a larger screen, with optimal graphics settings and clear, uninterrupted lines of sight. With advanced features like reduced input lag and Dynamic Black Equalizer, you'll always be in full control of your games.

*Available only on models RU8000 series and above.

Ambient Mode

Super Big TV transforms your space, even when it's off. Make it part of your décor with Ambient Mode to display artwork, family photos or useful information. Change your TV to suit your space.

*Available on QLED models only. *Service specifications may vary by region and model.

Use your arms to discover its size

Still on the fence about a large TV that’s 75 inches or bigger? Hold open your arms, and envision immersive viewing every time you turn your screen on. It’s time to dive into a whole new world of entertainment by going big with a large TV.

Choose your Super Big TV

  • * Product design and specifications may vary by region.
  • * The content within the screen are simulated images and are for demonstration purposes only.
  • * GUI(Graphic User Interface), design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.