Can I transfer data between Galaxy Watch/Book devices with Smart Switch?

Last Update date : Aug 11. 2022

Smart Switch helps you conveniently use data from various Galaxy products. Data from Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Book can also be transferred through Smart Switch.

Transfer Galaxy Watch data:

From Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch data can be transmitted using Smart Switch.

Transfer Note PC / Galaxy Book data:

Galaxy Book Smart Switch is a function that allows you to wirelessly connect data from your existing PC and easily transmit it to your new PC. Files from the previous PC can be transferred to the new PC, and the existing PC settings can be applied or the Microsoft Store™ app can be installed on the new PC.

However, automatic installation of apps is not supported and apps other than Microsoft Store™ apps cannot be transmitted.

Please note: After connecting to the same access point, you can select and connect the PC you want to send and the PC you want to receive. Smart Switch also operates with third-party products, but only the data sending button can be used.

Please note: Do not send hidden files, hidden folders and system folders.

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