How to monitor exercises with Samsung Health?

Last Update date : Aug 05. 2022

With Samsung Health you have several features to give you total control over your fitness using your smartphone, watch or both. Learn below how Start exercising works.

You can record and check your activity through your Galaxy Watch and smartphone. Tap the exercise widget on your watch or start an exercise form the exercise tracker on your smartphone and get moving. Even if you forget to start recording exercises for walking, running and biking, your smartphone automatically records your activity from 10 minutes on.

If you do not want your workout to start automatically, you can change it with the method below.

For smartphones:

Go to Samsung Health > Run/Bicycle/Walk Tracker to enter. Then tap the more icon and finally tap “Auto Pause Settings”. Select whether to activate the function for each item.

For watches:

Open Samsung Health and go to settings. Turn off “Automatic exercise detection” to deactivate the function.

Please Note: If you are walking, running or biking indoors, try moving to an open area outdoors for more accurate GPS reception.

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