Use SmartThings on your Windows 10 and 11 PC

Last Update date : Mar 11. 2022

Have you ever been working at your computer and needed to control a smart device? In the past, you’d have to grab your phone and open up the SmartThings app. Well, now Windows 10 and 11 PCs have their very own version of SmartThings! You’ll be able to turn your devices on or off, activate Scenes, edit Rooms, view SmartThings Find and more without ever having to leave your computer desk.

SmartThings open on a Galaxy Book Pro.

If you haven’t already, make sure to download the new version of the SmartThings app from the Microsoft store. The first time you open it, you’ll be asked to sign into your Samsung account and allow different permissions. Make sure to log in to the same Samsung account that has your connected SmartThings devices. Once you’re signed in, your registered devices will automatically appear.

The SmartThings app for Windows allows you to do the following from your Windows PC or device: 

  • Turn connected devices on or off.
  • Activate existing Scenes.
  • Edit your existing Rooms or add new Rooms .
  • Access and view the SmartThings Find feature.

However, there are a few limitations when using the Windows version of the app:

  • It cannot connect new devices or create new Scenes.
  • It cannot access or control Automations.
  • It cannot access or control SmartApps other than SmartThings Find.
  • It cannot edit connected devices or Scenes.
  • It cannot access device details which may limit your control of certain devices.

Getting around SmartThings on your Windows PC isn’t very different from navigating the mobile app.

The Navigation panel on the left side gives you access to different features in the app, such as your connected devices, your favorites, and the settings menu. Simply click on your preferred category to be taken to its options. You can also select Menu (the three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner to hide the Navigation panel if you’re not currently using it.

To go to another location in your SmartThings account, select the Down arrow next to the current location (e.g. Home), and then choose your desired new location. 

Down arrow highlighted in the SmartThings app.

The Favorites feature lets you quickly access and control your most used devices and Scenes all in one place.

1 Navigate to your desired Location, and then tap Favorites in the Navigation panel.
2 If it's your first time adding Favorites, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ¨Choose favorites¨.
3 Select the devices and Scenes you'd like to add, and then select ¨Done¨.
4 Double check the devices and Scenes you have chosen, and then select ¨Save¨ to confirm.
5 To add more devices or Scenes later on, go to the Favorites page, select More options (the three vertical dots), and then select ¨Edit favorites¨.
¨Edit favorites¨ highlighted in the SmartThings app.
6 Select Add (+ icon) and choose your desired devices or Scenes. Tap ¨Done¨ when you're finished.
7 You'll be brought back to the Edit favorites page. If desired, you can drag and drop the items in the list to reorder your favorites. Select ¨Save¨ to confirm all of the changes.
8 To control your connected devices or Scenes, simply tap ¨ Favorites¨ in the Navigation panel. Tap the Power icon next to your desired device to turn it on or off. You can also tap the Play icon next to a Scene to activate it.

If you ever want to remove something from your favorites, navigate back to the Favorites page, select More options (the three vertical dots) and then select ¨Edit Favorites¨. Select the Delete icon (- icon) next to the device you want to remove from your favorites. Select ¨Save¨ to confirm.

Please note: Devices will have limited controls when using the PC version of the app.

On the SmartThings Windows app, you can't add new devices, but you can turn your existing devices on or off. Additionally, you can activate your existing Scenes, which gives you more power over your devices.

From the Navigation panel, go to your preferred Location, and then select ¨Devices¨. Select the Power icon next to your desired device to turn it on and off. If your PC has a touchscreen, you can move your devices into different Rooms by simply dragging and dropping them with your finger.

To activate a Scene, open the Navigation panel, and then select ¨Scenes¨. Select the Play icon next to your desired Scene, and it will automatically activate if the associated devices are online.

Power icon highlighted on a device card.

You may not be able to add devices or Scenes through the Windows PC app, but you can add new Rooms! You can also rename, reorder, and delete Rooms if needed.

Add a Room

Navigate to your desired Location for the new Room. Select Add (+ icon) in the top right corner, and then select ¨Add room¨. Type in the name of the room, and then select ¨Done¨. The new room will appear in your current Location. You can then drag and drop devices into the new room.

¨Add room¨ highlighted in the SmartThings app.

Rename a Room

Select More options (the three vertical dots) next to the name of your desired Room. (Do not select ¨More options¨ next to ¨Devices¨ at the top of the screen.) Select ¨Rename¨, and then enter your preferred name. Select ¨Rename¨ to confirm.

¨Rename¨ highlighted in the SmartThings app.

Reorder your Rooms

Select ¨More options¨ at the top of the screen, next to Devices. Select ¨Reorder rooms¨, and then drag and drop the arrows to reorder your Rooms. Select ¨Save¨ to confirm the new order.

¨Reorder rooms¨ option highlighted in the SmartThings app.

Delete a Room

Select More options (the three vertical dots) next to the name of your desired Room. (Do not select More options next to Devices at the top of the screen.) Select ¨Delete¨ and select which Room the devices will move to once the current Room is deleted. Select ¨Delete¨ to confirm.

¨Delete¨ option highlighted in the SmartThings app.

From the Navigation panel, you can access extra resources, like the Settings menu or SmartThings Support contact information. You can open the Navigation panel by selecting Menu (the three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner.

The available options are listed here:

  • How to use: View helpful guides for using the SmartThings app.
  • Contact us: Create a request with SmartThings Support or access SmartThings FAQs. 
  • Settings: Adjust notification settings, log out of the app, or view your personal data and app information.
  • Cookies: Track and identify your device(s) across different websites, services, devices and/or browsing sessions.
A list of additional Menu settings in the SmartThings app.

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