How to make a drum wash?

Last Update date : Sep 04. 2021

I want to do a drum wash on my machine but I don't have any information on how to use this option on my washing machine and I would like to know what procedures I should follow

Drum wash: It is a cycle to clean the drum of the machine.

The steps to follow are as follows:

1 Press the On/Off button.
2 Select the Drum Wash cycle with the cycle selector dial.
3 Put the appropriate amount of bleaching agent in the detergent tray for the main wash.

For more effective cleaning, use a powder detergent.

If you want to perform a light cleaning: You should perform a wash with a water temperature of 40°C without bleaching agent.

4 Press the Start/Pause button.

Note: The drum should be washed once a month.

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