What to do when my washing machine vibrates excessively?

Last Update date : Sep 04. 2021


This malfunction is caused by one of the following conditions:

- The washer is not level.

- The shipping bolts have not been removed.


If the washer vibrates in the cycle, do the following:

Make sure the shipping bolts have been removed. Click here to learn the location of the shipping bolts and verify removal procedures.

  • Make sure the shipping bolts have been removed.
  • Be sure your washer is properly installed. Pay special attention to the level, it is crucial to minimize vibration.
  • Check the amount of load on the washer. Overloading or overloading can cause severe damage and vibration. If you are washing a pair of jeans, add other items to generate an ideal load balance. If your washer is overloaded, try removing some items.
  • Reposition the load. Occasionally heavy items will clump together and cause an unbalanced condition.

Note: If your washer is placed on a pedestal, it is very important that the washer be placed in this location only with the slide bolts remaining in place to facilitate installation. If your washer is in any other position to facilitate the installation of the pedestal, it may cause vibration so it will be necessary to contact the service center.

VRT® Technology
Samsung washing machines use VRT® technology (Vibration Reduction Technology). VRT® is a system that Samsung has developed to reduce drastic vibrations at high speed.

With VRT®, when the washing machine spin cycle reaches approximately 400 rpm, it stops and vibrates for a few moments. As it pauses and vibrates, the load balance is checked, and then VRT ® technology identifies where the load is unbalanced. Once the washing machine determines that the load is well balanced, it continues the spin cycle up to a maximum RPM, with a minimum of vibrations.

Pause and vibrations when the washer spin cycle reaches approximately 400 RPM are normal conditions.

If the washer operates well but vibrates, the leveling feet may be loose. Check each of the leveling feet and their respective locks. If the washer is level, loose feet can cause leveling problems.

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