How to reverse the door of Samsung Refrigerator

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

Sometimes it can be happened to you to detach or reverse the door of your refrigerator for moving, repairing, or else. Please follow the door reverse instructions below. If you require more information, please find a user manual or contact the customer center.

Reverse the Door (If needed)

Necessary tools

  1. Not provided

Additional part

Flat head driver

Phillips head driver

11mm wrench

8mm socket wrench

5mm Allen wrench

Hinge cover

Cap space door

Step 1. Unplug refrigerator from power supply and empty contents from refrigerator before starting the door reverse procedure.

Step 2. Remove left cover with small screwdriver.

Step 3. Remove the hinge cover using a small screw driver to unclip the cover, be careful not to damage the cover.

Step 4. Remove the wire cover and cap door.

Step 5. Disconnect the housing.

Note: The door is heavy, be careful not to injure yourself when removing the door.

Step 6. Disconnect the wire connector.

Step 7. Remove 2 screws on the upper hinge.

Note: Be careful not to damage the wire during operation.

Step 8. Remove the fridge door from the middle hinge.

Step 9. Disassemble the middle hinge to add using a 5mm Allen wrench (2 screws) and a philips driver (1 screw).

Step 10. Remove the freezer door from the bottom hinge.

Step 11. Switch position of the cap.

Note: Be careful not to scratch the door when changing cap.

Step 12. Position the door in a safe working place, and taking care not to damage door.

Step 13. There are lever Auto closer and screws at the bottom of fridge and freezer doors that need to be relocated.

Note: Be careful not to injure yourself during operation.

Step 14. Carefully lay a refrigerator on the back for bottom hinge and feet changing.

Step 15. Switch the position of screw cap.

Note: Be careful not to damage refrigerator.

Step 16. Assemble the middle hinge by using the 5mm Allen wrench and a philips driver.

Note: Do not wipe the grease on the middle hinge.

Step 17. Assemble the middle hinge by the 5mm Allen wrench.

Note: There may be slight noise when opening or closing the door.

Step 18. Switch the position of bottom hinge and leg.

Step 19. Switch the door wire direction to opposite side.

Note: Be careful not to injure yourself during operation.

Step 20. Lift refrigerator to a standing position.

Step 21. Assemble the cap space door.

Step 22. Change the position of the fridge and freezer door gasket.

Step 23. Detach the Fridge and Freezer gaskets and attach them after rotating 180°.

Step 24. Insert door wire cover.

Step 25. Insert the top hinge.


  • Make sure the door gaskets are properly arranged. If not, there can be a noise or dew can be formed which affects performance of the unit.
  • The door is heavy, be careful not to injure yourself.
  • Recommend two or more people work together.

Step 26. Reconnect the wire connector.

Step 27. Insert the wire.

Step 28. Assemble the cap control.

Note: Do not plug in the refrigerator just after door reverse finished the process and wait for at least one hour.


  • We recommend that 2 people are necessary for this procedure.
  • Where possible and by law, an electrical safety test should be conducted prior to powering it on.

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