How to Request Sign Language Service?

Last Update date : Sep 23. 2022

What is Sign Language support?

Samsung is committed to technological innovation that is available to all users, with its Customer Support teams pursuing this in their interactions with customers too. Samsung products, content and services are built around a human-centred philosophy that recognises diversity and embraces difference – which is why we offer Sign Language Support for Deaf or Hard of Hearing people. Sign Language Support is available for customers in the Malaysia between Monday - Saturday, 10am-7pm, except Sunday and public holidays.

1. Login to Your Service



2. Sign up Samsung Account if you do not have one.



3. Register your product with IMEI / Serial number.



4. Click support request and fill in the details as below. "Request for sign language" is a necessary remark.



5. After remark completed, ticket number will be generated, we will arrange call back to you.


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