How to use fast charging charger on Samsung DeX Pad?

Last Update date : Jun 24. 2022

The DeX Pad can be charged using the inbox Travel Adapter (15W) in Fast Charging Mode, however DeX mode cannot be used while charging it.


You can charge the Samsung DeX Pad when you connect it to a charger and need to use only Samsung-approved chargers ( 9 V/1.6 A, 9V/2 A, 12 V/2.1 A). For example, if you want fast charging of S9 device while connecting with DeX Pad, use only Samsung approved chargers that support fast charging based on *12V.2,1 A.

Note: This is a charger supplied for Samsung Tablet devices

To use Dex mode, the DeX Pad requires about 9W. About 12W or more is required to fast-chargge the DeX Pad. When a seperately sold travel adapter (25W) is used, it can be rapidly charged, even when the Samsung DeX is in use. 25W old separately by Samsung: EP-TA300C.


Fast Charging Mode Support

In-Box TA (15W)

Optional TA (25W)

DeX Pad


(If , not using DeX model)


DeX Station



Note: Existing DeX Station does not have a fast charging mode. It can be rapidly charged with a charger(25W) sold separately. 

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