Life Hacks

How to Get out
of a Creative Rut

A digital artist community could be the answer.

Every digital artist hits the dreaded creative dry spell, but with some drawing lessons, drawing challenges, and a supportive artist community, you can get out of a rut and start making art again.

Show off a little

One of the best ways to jump-start a stalled creative engine is to share your work with an online artist community like the PENUP app from Samsung. When you post your art, ask others what it makes them think of. Getting creative feedback and seeing your own work through someone else’s eyes can open new avenues for exploring your art – or help you see how good it is in the first place.

Galaxy Note9 S Pen
With 4,096 levels of pressure, the Galaxy Note9 S Pen can be whatever tool your art needs it to be.

If you’re facing a massive creative block, try learning something new.

There’s always more to learn

Many people want to be the best in their field, but the consistently good artists are the ones who never stop trying to get better. Look up local studios that offer classes, follow an online tutorial, or check out a digital artists’ community like PENUP. You can connect with fellow artists, join bi-weekly challenges and take lessons in various techniques.

Just get it out of you

Don’t worry about your art being perfect—don’t even worry if it’s good. Just get the idea onto the screen and work at it wherever you go with these tools.

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