Focus on what matters

Blending hardware and software, One UI helps you focus on what really matters and see only what you need. With its new features, using your phone becomes second nature. Small details; Big difference.

One UI: Made to focus

Natural, intuitive flows

Life's complicated, but answering a message while you drink your coffee shouldn't be.
Our interface is designed for better reachability so it is easier to get to what you want.


See what matters now

We keep it simple and show you what's essential so you can get what you need at a glance.


Your world, augmented

Do you want to find out more?
Point your camera at text, wine or food to get a quick assist from Bixby Vision.

* Limited languages supported. For more information, please see
** Food recognition feature only shows an estimate and may not be accurate. The actual amount of calorie intake may differ by food and health status of the user.
*** Screen images simulated for illustrative purposes."


Don't stress over daily tasks

That stuff you do every day, like turning down the ringer before bed? Bixby Routines learns your patterns and does it for you.

* Bixby service availability requires Samsung Account login and data connection. Available functions and features may vary by country, region and language.
Get hands-free navigation and music as soon as you're in the car, turn off sounds while you're at school or work or turn on Bluetooth so you can get the music started when you get home.

* Bixby Routines Driving routine only available in cars with Bluetooth capabilities

* Please use Bixby in compliance with local laws and regulations.

An image of man sitting inside a car holding a cup of coffee. A simulated overlay of a smartphone with Bixby Vision application onscreen. You can see screenshots showing a notification of Driving via Bixby Routines easily on the Quick panel.

Good night, sleep tight

Whatever you need to wind down your day, Bixby Routines can make it automatic.
You can turn on the blue light filter, turn down the brightness, mute sounds and get ready for a good night's sleep.
You can hear tomorrow's schedule and weather.
And you can optimise your battery so there's still plenty left in the morning, even if you forgot to charge overnight.

An image of living room in the dark. A simulated overlay of a smartphone with Bixby Routines application onscreen. You can see screenshots showing a setting of Good night mode and Save battery at night mode via Bixby Routines onscreen.

Be kind to your eyes

Night mode turns your phone dark. Switch to a darker view at night. Your eyes will thank you, and so will anyone who's sleeping next to you.

An image of a man and a woman lying in bed in a dark room, each of them holding a smartphone. She is uncomfortable using the standard mode, as she is straining her eyes. But he uses One UI Night Mode to comfortably set an alarm, read messages, and browse the web without hurting his eyes.

Some things are just for you

Secure Folder is your safe space. You can keep photos and files, even set up social media and chat apps with a separate account.
The quick panel gives you instant access and you can protect it all with a dedicated fingerprint.

The normal screen is accessed using the thumb. A screenshot shows unprotected photos from albums in Gallery. The private screen is accessed with the index finger. A screenshot shows secure photos from albums in Gallery.

Get the whole story

More smart ideas

Capture the whole page, top to bottom, including what's hidden below the screen.
When you check the image later, you can go back to the website with a tap.

* Only available in Samsung Internet Browser and Chrome Browser.
** Not applicable with images captured in multi-window or DeX mode.

Screenshots show how tapping the scroll capture button after reading the whole page of veganuary recipes in Samsung Internet lets users capture a page section by section. Another screenshot shows how users can capture the whole page about veganuary recipes in Samsung Internet.

Take control of notifications

More smart ideas

Swipe away notifications, snooze them for later or turn them off for the apps you choose.

You can see a screenshot where you can swipe to the right the Message notification in the Quick panel. And then you can see snooze notification and app notifications icons in the message section. If you tab the snooze notification icon, you can see a screenshot showing the snooze notification layered page in the Quick panel. If you tab the app notifications icons, you can see a screenshot showing Messages apps notifications. Messages show notifications menu is being on.

Bring your data from your old phone

More smart ideas

Whether it's a Galaxy, Android or iPhone, you can bring your old data to your new phone so you can pick up where you left off.

* Content supported may vary depending on OS and device model. Please secure and back up all data and material before proceeding. Any loss (including confidentiality) is at user’s risk.
** For more information, please see

A screenshot shows the user being asked if they want to send or receive data. Another screenshot explains how to connect the devices by cable or wirelessly. A third screenshot explains how to connect two devices with a USB cable, while a fourth shows "Calls & Contacts", "Applications", "Settings", "Photos", "Videos", and "Music" selected as the data to send.

You can find the schedule for One UI upgrades
from Notices (P OS Update Notices) on the Samsung Members App.
You can download and install Samsung Members from Galaxy Store.

Samsung Members

Galaxy Store

* Availability of One UI features, apps and services may vary depending on device, OS version and country.
** Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.
*** Certain features may require Samsung Account login, GPS connection or data network (Wi-Fi or internet connection).