About this BESPOKE design

Kitchen View with Birds

BESPOKE Refrigerator designed by ST Leng for Samsung

BESPOKE Design Contest Winner

From the kitchen of her little flat, my friend sees a regular kingfisher which brings her joy every time. This cherished memory can now be brought to life in anyone’s kitchen — the joy of experiencing the vibrance of life within nature.

BESPOKE Refrigerator Combination1

  • 2 x 1-Door Flex Refrigerator (RZ32T7445AP/SS)

Total Dimensions2
1205mm W x 1853mm H x 647mm D

Key Features

  • All-Around Cooling
  • Metal Cooling
  • Seamless & Sleek Design
  • Reversible Door

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1Note that refrigerator panels provided will be by default in Glam White
2Do allow 12mm buffer room on the sides and 47mm on the top of the refrigerator for optimal product usage


Terms and Condition

1. The provision and installation of the BESPOKE Decal Artwork is solely undertaken by a third party and does not involve Samsung Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“SESP”). SESP makes no warranty and has no responsibility or liability with regard to the aforementioned.

2. This does not serve as an endorsement or guarantee of the quality and efficacy of the goods and/or services provided by this third party.

3. Any further dispute and/or issues relating to the provision and installation of the BESPOKE Decal Artwork should be referred to the third party for resolution.