Inspiring Creative Collaborations

Home appliances take a fresh and exciting new turn with our Samsung BESPOKE artist collaborations. Creative visual artists and interior designers push the boundaries of what an ideal kitchen could look like with unique designs and concepts.

Artists Introducing the Artist themselves #BespokeDesignedByYou

Tan Zi Xi

Tan Zi Xi @messymsxi

Singapore-born and London-trained, Zi Xi is a multi-award-winning illustrator that has worked with graphic designers, fashion labels and museums.

Michael Ng

Michael Ng @mindflyer

Michael is a Singapore-based illustrator and visual artist, who also founded the Illustration Arts Festival.

Candice Phang

Candice Phang @puffingmuffin

Originally trained as an architect, Candice has since developed a reputation as an artist with a penchant for bright, playful illustrations.

Interior Designers Introducing the Interior Designers themselves #BespokeDesignedByYou

Rooot Studio

Rooot Studio

ROOOT Studio has managed numerous projects, spanning across residential, commercial and hospitality industries.



Commune is not only a strong advocate for sustainability but also a home-grown furniture design and lifestyle company, that crafts high quality artisanal works for the design savvy.