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Tan Zi Xi @messymsxi

At first glance, the whimsical artwork showcases a highly detailed and intricate forest that entreats the viewer to enter a world of lush flora and fauna. While the forest is brimming with life and beauty, an even closer glance reveals a maze hidden within the artwork. Inside that maze, you’ll discover a character who is lost and needs help finding her way home. Going beyond just an ornamental piece, the maze acts as a design node that bring an element of playful interaction into the piece.

Much like BESPOKE, which is fun and functional, I wanted the design to reflect that as well. I hope that users enjoy playing and engaging through my art as much as I enjoyed creating it. In a world where home has become the centre stage for so much of life’s interaction, why not make this key home appliance a talking point and an activity for kids and adults to bond over.