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Candice Phang @puffingmuffin

My artwork for the BESPOKE Refrigerator is inspired by two of my favourite things - cats and plants. I wanted it to be a reflection of my own passions, but relatable to others as well. It’s my interpretation of an enchanting, whimsical and purrfect world that comes to life on the fridge. My main intention is to create positive vibes and add a happy touch to any home or kitchen. While it’s the perfect design for plant or cat lovers, I think anyone can enjoy the bright and cheerful sight whenever they step into the kitchen.

This is the first time I’m creating artwork that will go on a refrigerator, so it’s incredibly fun, new, and exciting. I felt so much anticipation to see the final product, even when I was still designing and illustrating it. Watching it come to life felt amazing. I love that this collaboration gave me the creative freedom to reflect my personal style and taste, which is what BESPOKE is all about.