Rooot Studio @roootstudio

Goood Afternoon, 2021

A look into the everyday lives of people living in Singapore, and how interactions between people are sparked by things as simple as a greeting with a smile.

Try to spot SAMSUNG in this work of art, as it has seamlessly integrated into our 'lives’...

Just like how we design spaces, we start by brainstorming with a strong intent of creating a story that is relatable to everyone. This has helped to identify a direction – a look into our daily lives. Akin to how travel magnets on a fridge can start conversations, we envisioned an interactive artwork that can become a fun conversation topic regardless of the setting.

ROOOT Studio undertakes a narrative-driven approach by intertwining storytelling into interior design to re-invent spaces in a whole new light that opens up to meaningful and unique experiences.

Since our inception in 2014, ROOOT Studio has managed numerous projects, spanning across residential, commercial and hospitality industries. We collaborate closely with our contractors to provide an integrated design and seamless project delivery.