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Michael Ng @mindflyer

Paradise Within is a play on the sanctity of food and the idea that the fridge that holds your food is a “shrine”. This BESPOKE concept is a very funky and modern take on shrines, made up of all shapes and forms of food. Just a crazy, colourful mash-up of architecture and design.

Three things help me with inspiration: My work-keeping sketchbooks of ideas and thoughts, a curious mind that is always digging and appreciating images, and a habit of always side-reading what I see. Old illustrated books are a favourite source for images and ideas, especially those not directly related to art, like medical art and folk art. All these feed into the "Anything is possible and everything can FLY" Mindflyer metaverse. I seek to help liven any brand by fusing and remixing their DNA with my flavour of imaginative pop art, bright colours, and surrealistic devices. That’s how I bring my own BESPOKE to life in a new dimension.