Bespoke Jet Bot AI+: The Smart Choice for Floor Cleaning and Pet Monitoring, Even When You’re Away From Home

There aren’t that many people who would say that floor cleaning is a beloved hobby of theirs – in fact, given half the chance, most people would instead opt for floors that clean themselves.

Until such a thing exists, the next best solution is an AI-powered robot vacuum that knows when, where and how to get the job done. Enter Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke Jet Bot AI+, a sleek and smart robot vacuum that can be programmed to clean while you are doing other things, including running errands outside the home.

What’s more, Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ can also help you monitor your pets while out and about, making it the perfect device for those leading busy lifestyles juggling work, exercise and more. If cleaning your floors is constantly ending up a low priority on your to-do list, Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ has it covered for you.