How to use Samsung Family Hub App with your Refrigerator?

Last Update date : Jul 14. 2022

Samsung Family Hub Mobile App is your one stop app that keeps your family connected. You can coordinate your family’s schedule, leave notes and reminders and even share pictures for family events.

To start using the App with your Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, you will need the following:

• Samsung Account

• A mobile Device

• Install the Family Hub Mobile App

   - Android

   - IOS

Please note: The Samsung Family Hub app is designed for Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher, or iOS 8.0 or higher, and is optimized for Samsung smartphones (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series)

Before using the Family Hub App on your Mobile Device, you will need to register you Samsung Account and connect with a Family Hub user profile.

Please note:

• If you don’t have a Samsung account, follow the app’s onscreen instructions to create a free Samsung account

• Once you have added a Samsung Account, you cannot remove it from the user profile, unless you delete the Account and create it again

1 On the Refrigerator's Family Hub panel, navigate to Settings > Profiles
Select Profile
2 Sign in your Samsung Account. Select Sign up if you do not have an account
3 Enter your Country and Phone Number. An authentication code will be sent to your mobile device. Once received, enter the code on the display panel
Enter Country and Phone Number
Enter the authentication code
4 In the Create your profile panel, select a name and choose your avatar. Click next to enter the next screen
Create profile and avatar
5 Fill in your information and click Done
Fill in the information
6 Register your Voice ID. Select Skip to register your Voice ID later
Register your Voice ID
7 Once done, you can create another profile by selecting Add
Select Add to create another profile

Please note: If you are pairing your Family Hub with the App for the first time, connect the Refrigerator on SmartThings App first and follow these steps:

1 Open the Family Hub App on your Mobile Device
2 Agree to the Terms and Conditions
Agree with the Terms & Conditions
3 Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the setup

Once the setup is completed, any updates on the App will be synced automatically with your Family Hub Refrigerator.


The App is divided into two main portions: Apps and Dashboard


The square icons at the top represent your Apps, and the cards below are the dashboard.

The cards in the dashboard display relevant information from certain apps. Selecting the applicable icon or card will open the App.

• Calendar – To share your schedule with your family

• To Do – To create and edit a to-do list

• Memo – Display all memos on Family Hub and it can be added, edited or removed

• White Board – Display all whiteboard drawings on Family Hub and it can be added, edited or removed

• View Inside – To check the inner view of your Refrigerator. Food list can be edited to track foods inside the Refrigerator and the expiration date

• Shopping List – Display the shopping lists and it can be added, edited or removed

Layout of Family Hub App

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