Why is My Dryer Vibrating and Making Noises

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022

Generally, Samsung dryers are so quiet that any unfamiliar noise can be a source of alarm. While generally quiet, a dryer that makes humming or squealing noises while operating can still be considered normal function. Read about some of the possible causes for noises or rattling in your dryer.

Possible causes for vibrations and noises

When using a Samsung dryer, sound and vibration may occur depending on the environment or the type of laundry inside, etc. Many of the sounds are normal but some can be fixed.

  • Make sure the dryer is installed on a level, solid surface. An uneven surface is one of the most common reasons for a rattling sound and vibrations.
  • If there is too much rattling or vibrations, check the leveling feet on the bottom of the machine.
  • Use a carpenter's level to check which feet need adjusting. If needed, adjust the leveling feet with a wrench. 
  • Also, soft tiled flooring or carpet may cause the dryer to move slightly and vibrate during the spin cycle.
  • Make sure the back of the dryer is not in contact with any hoses, power cords, or other objects around the exterior. If you have a washing machine next to the dryer, there should be at least an inch of space between them.

*Note: Please refer to the user manual for the correct installation space details.

  • It's normal for the dryer to make humming or buzzing sounds during a cycle. This sound occurs because the dryer's motor is pulling air out of the dryer quickly.
  • If the dryer is not used for a long time or the ambient temperature is too low, the rubber roller inside of the dryer can make a thumping sound.
  • Sometimes squeaking, squealing sounds, or vibrations may occur due to the dryer being overloaded. If you hear a squeaking or squealing sound while running the dryer, stop the cycle and reduce the weight of the load.

*Note: Please refer to the user manual for your model weight to determine the correct load size.

  • Heavy items such as bathmats or jeans can cause knocking or thumping sounds during the cycle.
  • Empty all pockets before loading clothes into the dryer. Metallic objects such as coins or keys may damage other laundry items as well as the drum of the machine.
  • Metallic objects attached to items, such as pull-up zippers and latch hooks can make jingle sounds as they tumble. To reduce noise from these items, turn the garment inside out.
  • The buzzing sound during the cycle is due to the operation of the drain pump. When a certain amount of condensation is reached during the drying, the drain pump will automatically begin to operate and will discharge. It is a normal sound for the drain pump and no need to worry.


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