How to connect Samsung Gear S2 to a Mobile Device?

Last Update date : Oct 09. 2020

You need to connect Gear S2 to your Mobile Device before using it. To connect, install the Samsung Gear App on your Mobile Device. You can download the App from Galaxy Apps or Play Store.

Please note:
• You cannot install Samsung Gear App on the Mobile Device that does not support Gear syncing
• Ensure that the Mobile Device is compatible with Gear S2 device

• Supported Mobile Devices may vary depending on your region, service provider and device manufacturer

1 Turn on the Gear
2 On Apps screen, tap Samsung Gear
3 Tap Connect to Gear
4 Check that the code displayed on your Gear S2 matches the code on your mobile device. Once done, tap OK
5 Accept the Terms and Conditions and tap Done
6 Sign into your Samsung account, or skip this step
7 When the devices are connected, the Samsung Gear Apps's main screen will be displayed on the Mobile Device and the Clock screen will be displayed on the Gear

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