How to use Photo Note feature on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

The Photo Note feature on the Galaxy Note Edge enables you to create a note from a photo taken of text or drawings. You can apply the Photo Note effect to make it easier to view text from a photo by deleting the background of the photo. Follow these steps:

1 Tap Apps
2 Tap S Note
3 Tap + icon on the top right of the screen
4 Tap on the Camera icon to begin creating a Photo Note
5 Tap on the Auto icon to set the mode to Manual
6 Point your Mobile Device at the document which you wish to make a Photo Note. Once each corner of the document is framed by a blue line, tap the Camera icon to take the picture
7 The picture of the document appears in the Crop screen
8 You can crop the picture and remove unwanted parts by tapping and holding the S Pen on the blue lines. Drag the lines as required to leave just the image that your require
9 Tap on the tick icon to edit the picture
10 Tap OK when the edit screen information appears
11 The picture will open in the Edit section
12 Tap on one of the highlighted items of text. If you wish to remove the Photo Note white effect, swipe the switch to the left
13 If you wish to remove an item, tap on it and then tap on the red X - this will cause it to be removed from the Note you have created when saved
14 Tap on the tick icon to save your changes
15 Tap on the T icon to add type written text
16 Tap on the screen using the S Pen where you wish to add your type written text
17 Enter text as required and then press the Back key to exit the keyboard
18 To add a hand written note to your Photo Note tap on the Pen icon
19 Using the S Pen to write any comment you want to add (or even draw another picture in your Note
20 Tap on the tick icon to save your additions
21 Your can rename your Photo Note. Once renamed, tap on Save
22 When you open S Note, you will be able to see your previous saved notes

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