What to do when the display screen on Samsung Galaxy S10 Series are black and white?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

If you have activated Wind down mode on your Mobile Device, the displayed colors on the screen will be black and white tone.

To deactive this mode, follow these steps:

1 Tap Settings
2 Tap Digital wellbeing
Tap Digital Wellbeing
3 Tap Wind down
Tap Wind down
Switch Grayscale off

You can activate Wind down mode to reduce eye strain before sleeping and prevent your sleep from being disturbed.

• Greyscale: Displays colors on the screen as grey tones

• Do not disturb: Set the device to mute incoming calls and notification sounds, except for allowed exceptions. CF.) Night

mode (Settings > Display > Night mode) also can reduce eye strain by applying the dark theme when using the device at night or in a dark place.  However the dark theme may not be applied in some Apps and Home/lock screen

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