What to take note when using NFC SIM card with Samsung Pay?

Last Update Date : Jun 07. 2018

Where to get an EZ-Link NFC SIM card in Singapore?

EZ-Link NFC SIM Card can be purchased at M1, Singtel and StarHub, subjected to availability. Please check with your mobile network operator on the availability of the EZ-Link NFC SIM.

How can I add my NFC SIM card with Samsung Pay?

Select Transport card on the home screen. At the Add Transport card screen, select Add EZ-Link transit SIM card option.

If NFC is not turned on for your device, you will receive a prompt to enable NFC. If you are adding your NFC SIM card for the first time in the Samsung Pay app, the EZ-Link Terms of Service will be displayed. Select Agree to All to proceed.

The NFC SIM card is now successfully added to Samsung Pay. Select Done to view your EZ-Link balance and 30 most recent EZ-Link transactions.

How can I top up my NFC SIM card?

Please refer to http://www.ezlinknfc.com/top-up-channels/ for more information

Can I use EZ-Link NFC SIM card if my device is running out of battery?

No. To use NFC on public transport, please ensure that the battery is sufficient for use for both entry and exit.

What to do when receiving message to change SIM Card while adding NFC SIM card with Samsung Pay?

If you encounter a message prompting for a change in SIM Card,

• Ensure that you have replaced your SIM Card to an EZ-Link enabled NFC SIM card which can be used for both transit and retail payments. The EZ-Link enabled NFC SIM card can be purchased from your mobile network operator.

• If you are already using an EZ-Link NFC SIM card, your SIM card might be faulty. Please contact your mobile network operator for further assistance.

Is internet connection required for making payment using EZ-Link NFC payment service?

Internet connection is not required.

Is there a maximum limit when topping up EZ-Link purse in NFC?

The maximum top-up value is $500 just like the limit for an EZ-Link card.

Is the transaction history based on real time?

The transaction history captured and stored in the EZ-Link purse is based on real-time transactions made on the EZ-Link NFC purse.

Is NFC SIM card replaceable when it is corrupted?

You can contact your mobile network operator (M1/ SingTel/ StarHub) to ascertain the problem of your NFC SIM Card.

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