How to Set Up Samsung Pay

Last Update date : Jul 06. 2022

Samsung Pay is an app that allows you to make payments easily and safely from your smartphone. Below, find out how to set up this payment method that you can find in your Galaxy devices. 

View of the Samsung Pay PIN screen.

If you have a supported device, you should have the Samsung Pay app already installed on your phone. If not, your phone may not have the latest software.

You may download any available software updates from Settings > About device or through Settings > Software update menu on your phone.

Samsung Pay set up

1 Open Samsung Pay on your phone. Once you open it, you will be prompted to download and install the complete app. It will be around 80 MB to 100 MB in size. Let it download, then hit the Install button when prompted.
2 Watch the intro video that shows up. Then, you will be asked to sign into your Samsung account. If you have one already, enter your login details or create one through the Samsung Pay app. If the account is already logged in, tap the Start button. Then, read and agree to the terms and conditions and hit the Next button.
3 You will now be asked to set up a verification method for using Samsung Pay. You can use the iris scanner (if your phone supports this feature), the fingerprint reader or the PIN option. If you choose either the iris or fingerprint verification, the app will also require you to set up a PIN as a backup.
4 Once you select your preferred verification method, you will be asked to create a 4-digit Samsung Pay PIN.
5 You can now proceed to the next step, where we will add your first credit or debit card to Samsung Pay so you can use it to make payments.

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