How Can I Add My Credit or Debit Cards to Samsung Pay

Last Update date : Jul 06. 2022

Once you have configured your Samsung Pay with the settings that best suit your needs, you can start adding your credit and/or debit cards. Once you have added your cards, you will be able to use them wherever you want to make your payments.

View of add cards screen on Samsung Pay.

If you want to use Samsung Pay and need to know how to add your cards to the app, follow these steps:

1 Run your Samsung Pay app. To add your card, tap on the plus icon (+) over Payment cards. The app will activate the camera and ask you to aim it at the front side of your credit or debit card. Once the app detects the card number and expiry date, it will ask you to enter the security code CVC/CVV/CID (3-digit or 4-digit depending on the card type) and your name as it appears on the card.

You can also manually enter all card details, including card number and expiry date. Just tap on the “Add card manually” option at the bottom when the app asks you to aim the camera at your card.

Please note: The details required may vary based on your country and card provider, so simply follow the instructions inside the Samsung Pay app to add your card info such as card number, cardholder name, and expiration date. Double-check all details once they have been entered to make sure everything is correct.

2 Once you have added all the card details, tap on the “Next” option, and wait for the app to validate your card. Once that is done, agree to the terms and conditions of your bank if they show up.
3 You will then be asked to verify your card. You can choose from any of the verification methods shown on-screen (these may depend on your bank and/or card provider) and follow the instructions in the app to complete verification. When all this is done, you may also need to sign the card. Do that by drawing inside the box provided on the screen.
4 Your card is now added to Samsung Pay. You can add more cards to the app by tapping the “Add another card” option at the end of the process, or by tapping Payment cards on the Samsung Pay main screen and then “Add”.

Should you decide to remove your Samsung Pay cards, you can continue to use your physical payment cards. Removing a payment card from Samsung Pay will only remove the payment information from the device. Your physical card will remain active. If you want to cancel your card, please contact your card issuer.

Please note: Your payment card displayed in Samsung Pay may not match your physical card. In this case, Samsung Pay will use a graphic representation of your card. You can determine that your card is correct by verifying that the following information matches your physical card: the card network (Visa, MasterCard or American Express, for example), the bank that issued the card, and the last four digits of your card.

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