Changes to Google Play Movies & TV on Samsung Smart TVs

Last Update date : Aug 03. 2022

Starting 15 June 2021, Google Play Movies & TV app will no longer be available on Samsung Smart TVs.

The YouTube app will continue to be available for your movies and shows needs1.

Just log in with your Google account in the YouTube app today, you’ll have access to all of your past purchases, and will be able to browse, purchase, and rent new content2.

Here are a few more things to be aware of:

● All of your past purchases will be available on YouTube.

● Your Google Play credits can be used on YouTube to make purchases.

● Play Family Library purchases can be viewed on YouTube but purchases made on YouTube do not support family sharing. Purchases made from the Google Play Movies & TV website or app will continue to support family sharing.

● Your Watchlist is not available on YouTube, but you can set up Playlists.

● To learn more, please go to

If you have any more questions, please visit Google’s help center.

1 YouTube app is available on devices that currently support the Google Play Movies & TV app.

2 Rent and purchase features on YouTube may not be available on all devices. Subject to country availability.

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