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Learn how to optimise your Galaxy Tab S7 series experience. Watch these videos for useful tips and tricks to achieve
greater efficiency with your tablet.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
10 tips for your Galaxy tablets
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are designed for business productivity, enabling you to work from anywhere. With features like Multi-Active Window, the S Pen and Samsung DeX give you laptop-like performance in a sleek mobile package. Get top tricks to maximise your tablet experience.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Call and text on your Galaxy tablets
Answer calls and text messages directly from your compatible Galaxy Tab while your phone is on charge. As long as your devices are logged into the same Samsung account, you will never miss a call or message, even when your phone’s not around.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Second Screen
Second screen makes multitasking easy, and productivity boosted beyond your vision. With just a few simple clicks, you can duplicate or extend your screen to manage multiple tasks at once. Available on the Galaxy Tab S7 series paired with a compatible laptop.

Only works with compatible laptops with new One UI 3.1.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Multi-Active Window
Multitasking on a tablet has never been this productive. Find out how you can use up to three apps at once on your Galaxy Tab with Multi-Active Window.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Audio Bookmarking
Here’s how you can take your note-taking further with Audio Bookmarking. A feature within Samsung Notes, it syncs voice recordings to your notes and starts a voice recording so you can play back anytime to make sure you capture a meeting correctly.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Auto Switch
Auto Switch feature means that your audio follows you when you switch between Galaxy devices. With the new One UI 3.1 on your devices, the experience of the Galaxy ecosystem is smooth and seamless. Switch between your phone and tablet hassle-free with Galaxy Buds.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
S Pen Tips
The Galaxy Tab S7, S7+ and S7 FE 5G come with an advanced S Pen for note-taking, navigating your device and more. Watch this video for our top tips on using this S Pen.

Air Command is only available in Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Sort pages and voice recording
Here's how you can easily sort pages and voice records on Samsung Notes.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
S Pen with Samsung Notes
Here's how you can utilise your new-and-improved S Pen with Samsung Notes.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Managing folders and importing PDF on
Samsung Notes
Manage folders, import PDFs and annotate documents with ease on Samsung Notes.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Samsung DeX
Samsung DeX is a powerful productivity feature that lets you create a PC-like computing experience on your Galaxy Tab S7 series.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Book Cover Keyboard
Here’s how you can extend the potential of your Galaxy Tab S7 | S7+
with Book Cover Keyboard.

Not applicable to Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G.
Galaxy Tech Talk:
Biometrics & Secure Folder
Want a convenient and secure way to access your tablet? Well, the Galaxy Tab S7+ comes with a fingerprint sensor built in under the screen. You can also use your fingerprint to access Secure Folder. Secure Folder allows you to add an additional layer of protection for sensitive files and apps on your Galaxy Tab S7 — all protected by the Samsung Knox security platform.

Fingerprint sensor is not available in Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G.
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