Why there is no sound from Rear Speakers of Samsung Home Theatre System ?

Last Update date : 2014.10.22

Samsung Home Theatre sometimes stops outputting audio through the Rear Speakers due to issues in the media you are playing or watching (CD, DVD, TV broadcast,etc.) or due to your audio connections or speaker setup. Many media are recorded or broadcasted in stereo only and normally will only play through the front speakers. Your home theater has a feature " PL II MODE " that can overcome this limitation, and make the rear speakers output stereo sound.



 ( Samsung Home Theatre ) 


Below mentioned are few best experienced PL II Mode for different source :


● When listening to CDs, press the [PL II Mode] button on the home theater's remote control until the home theater's display reads MUSIC.


● When listening to a TV broadcast that is in stereo, press the [PL II Mode] button until the home theater's display reads MATRIX or PROLOGIC II.


● When watching a DVD that doesn't have 5.1 surround sound, press the [PL II Mode] button until the home theater's display reads CINEMA. 


Audio Cable Connections :


● Your audio connections can affect the type of audio your home theater inputs and outputs. If you use RCA audio cables to connect an audio source to the home theater, you will only get stereo sound.


● To get surround sound, you must use an Optical or HDMI cable to connect the audio source to the home theater.


● Audio sources include cable or satellite boxes, video game consoles, and MP3 players.Illustrations of RCA, Optical, and HDMI cables are below.



( Types of cable used to connect Home theatre )


Rear Speaker Connections :


● Speaker connections and cables may also affect the audio you are hearing.


● Verify the ports you are using on the rear of the home theater match up with the speakers you are connecting by connecting them via colour combination.


● Also verify that the speaker cable is connected securely into the speaker jacks. 


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