What to do if there is a power button icon on the HDMI source while external device is connected to TV?

Last Update date : 2021-01-21

The power button icon for the HDMI showing on the  image below shows up in your TV screen because of connection issues with the external devices and due to other reasons also.

  • There is a damage on the HDMI cable.
  • The external device connected to the TV isn't compatible.
  • Wrong port is used on the connection with the external device.
  • Software is not updated.

Please do the following solutions to fix the issue:

  1. Remove and attach the HDMI cable; otherwise, replace with a new HDMI cable.
  2. If your TV is connected to a receiver or a setup box, connect the HDMI cable on HDMI port 1 or 2 in the TV.
  3. For  audio system connections, connect it to HDMI ARC or audio out of the TV.
  4. Try to software  update your TV ( Home - settings - support - SW update - update now ).
  5. You may try to reset your TV ( Home - settings - support - self diagnosis - reset ) OR ( Home - settings - general - reset ).

Check the HDMI status in your TV. If it shows that the lock is removed, then the issue is solved.


Note: If the problem persists, please call our contact center and our helpful agents will assist you.

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