Excellence in Work & Play

Excellence in Work & Play

Displaying more content, resolving sharper images, and featuring advanced display technologies, Samsung high resolution monitors are the perfect choice for almost any use. From professional applications to multitasking and gaming, let high resolution improve your performance.

There is a monitor on the room table, and rugby sport is shown on the monitor screen. The man is staring at the monitor, and on the table are tablets, cell phones, headphones, mice, keyboards, cameras, potted plants, and books.

Why go high resoultion?

More onscreen content, Higher Clarity

More onscreen content, Higher Clarity

Our WQHD monitors have a resolution 2.25 times the pixel density of Full HD. The UHD series sports a pixel density 4 times Full HD. Higher clarity is not the sole benefit of high resolution: you get more onscreen content on a higher resolution monitor.

There is a natural lakes image on the screen. The screen's resolution changes the order of the FHD-WQHD-UHD, making it possible to see a broader range from one screen.

Higher efficiency

Higher efficiency

High resolution means not only sharp images but also displaying more content at one time. The higher the resolution, the more you can view your content in its unbroken whole. Work on Excel files and browse web contents with less scrolling. Photoshop and editing becomes easier with less zooming.

On the screen, there is a tool screen that edits the image of a child in a flower garden. The screen's resolution changes the order of the FHD-WQHD-UHD, making it possible to see a broader range from one screen.
On the screen, there is a tool screen that edits the image of a child in a flower garden. The screen's resolution changes the order of the FHD-WQHD-UHD, making it possible to see a broader range from one screen.

High resolution is a new minimum

4k contents are ubiquitous. Pictures and videos taken with smartphones are all in UHD, andinternet services like Netflix streams movies in UHD. Many of the games we play are in UHD. Enjoy all these contents better on a high resolution monitor, and better still on a Samsung high resolution monitor.

Learn how to enjoy 4K content better with a Samsung high-resolution monitor. Many content images are configured to be displayed on the monitor, such as movies and games with mobile.

Excellence in Innovation

Samsung high-resolution monitors feature innovations including new quantum dot technology. Supporting a wider range of colors than conventional imaging technologies, Samsung Quantum Dot screens let you enjoy more natural and more lifelike images.

High resolution meets quantum dots

There’s more to Samsung’s top-of-the-line high resolution monitors than high resolution. It’s the quantum dot technology. Rendered in nano-sized quantum dots, colors are strikingly realistic and lifelike, and details are sharper.

This image plays fireworks against the backdrop of the night view of the image building depicting the quantum dots technology. It also writes text that shows a comparison of typical high resolution and QLED high resolution.
This video represents the Quantum Dot technique. Monitor bezels are created after the screen has been combined with Quantum Dot Panel. The screen is divided into 'High resolution' with low quality and QLED high resolution with high quality, and then

What’s in a trusted name?

Samsung’s display leadership is built on time-honored trust due to the experience our customers have with our monitors. It stands to reason that you want your purchase of a high-end high resolution monitor to be from Samsung.

This image explains the reliability of Samsung monitor. Samsung Monitor's history and annual monitor are shown, and the 2017 monitor image is shown larger.In 1981, 1st generation of monochrome display adapto monitor.In 1997, World's First TFT-LCD Monitor In 2002, World's First Dual Hinge Deployment. In 2003, World's First Touch of Color(ToC).In 2011, World's First Wireless Central Station Monitor. In 2012, Professional Monitor Launched. In 2014, World's First Curved Monitor. In 2017, 49inch 32:9 Super Ultra-Wide Professional Monitor.

No.1 Choice

Samsung has stood as the world’s most chosen UHD monitor maker for four straight years since 2014.

As an image that describes the most selected Samsung monitor ue590, ud590  in the ultra-high-definition market for four years in a row, No. 1 writes loudly and shows two large monitors. In 2014 UD590. In 2015 UD590, UE590. In 2016 UD590, UE590, In UD590, UE590

Excellence in Comfort

Our Eye Saver Mode reduces eye fatigue and create a more comfortable viewing experience. And height-adjustable, pivot, tilt and swivel stand options let you position monitors optimally to minimize neck strain when sitting at your screen for long periods.

Excellence in Speed

Samsung high-resolution monitors feature a fast 1ms (MPRT) response time and a 144Hz screen refresh rate for minimal motion blur and also smooth scene transitions. In addition, you'll absolutely enjoy smoother web browsing and viewing of video content.

A superfast response time ensures seamless motion and transitions.

1 ms response time of Samsung monitor is displayed in comparison screen with general monitor. The corresponding time is shown using the image of the cyclist. Text notation is written as a Conventional Monitor and as a Samsung CHG 70 Monitor.
* Some monitors do not have all listed features.

Excellence in Connectivity

Samsung high-resolution monitors featuring USB type-C ports are multifunctional. They can function as desktop hubs that display and charge devices, and support DP, Mini DP, and USB.

With the do-it-all USB Type-C, you can transmit power, data and display signals between devices.

This image describes the USB type-C, which describes the USB Type-C terminal coming from the monitor that extends to the laptop up to Data, DP Signal, and Power, and is also displayed in text at the same time.
* Some monitors do not have all listed features.

Excellence in Multitasking

Providing more screen space than Full HD screens, high-resolution monitors are the ideal choice for multitasking. And Samsung’s Picture-By-Picture, Picture-In-Picture and Easy Setting Box software lets you view and manage multiple workspaces in an instant.

21:9 Widescreen

Ultra-wide curved display allows more on-screen space for the big ideas without the hassle of dual-monitor setups. You can experience truly seamless single-monitor multitasking.

It shows a description of the wide-wide monitor that gives you the experience of using two monitors as one.On the left are two general monitors and a Conventional Dual Monitor text mark, on the right are Samsung CH89 Monitor Images and Text.


Your multi-tasking gets ever smoother with the Picture-By-Picture function that connects two different input sources.

Image that describes the Picture - by - Picture function, which connects two different input sources. On the left is a text that marks the connection between the laptop and HDMI, and on the right is a text that marks the connection between the PC and DP.

Easy Setting Box

Arrange windows with Easy Setting Box by splitting your screen into smaller partitions.

The image describes the software Easy Setting Box that can be used to split multiple screens. On the left is written Easy Setting Box.

High resolution monitors product line up


32" WQHD Curved Monitor with 144Hz

This is an image that shows the review and ratings of Samsung Monitor.At the Trusted Reviews organization, the UE 850 models received 4.5 stars, at the Digital Treats Educational's Choice, the CF791 model received 4.5 stars, and at the expert Review CF791 model received.


"Samsung has outdone themselves with the CF791, which is one monitor you don't want to pass up" - digital trends

Image showing the award-winning Samsung High-Definition Monitor technology. TUV 1500R Certification marking and Idea awards 2017 finalist marking.


Samsung curved high resolution monitors were recognized for their innovative curve design and immersive viewing technology.