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Half the time washing, more time for you

Innovations that make laundry easier

Our washers are loaded with innovative features and offer superior cleaning technology to save you time and effort.

Half the Time Washing, More time for you

Wind-Free™ air conditioner

Get cool fast,
Stay cool without direct wind

The Samsung air conditioner has been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. Its unique design, cutting edge technology and various line-up guarantee a higher level of air solution.

Samsung Air Conditioners

Twin Cooling Plus™ Refrigerators

Switch between 5 conversion modes

2 times longer freshness all over the fridge

Samsung Refrigerators


Smart Cooking, new possibilities.

Go far beyond mere microwaving. No one will believe your microwave made something so delicious.

Microwave Ovens


Powerful suction, Easy to use
Anti Tangle Turbine

The bagless vacuum cleaner has all the nooks and crannies covered. Cyclone Force™ with Anti-Tangle Turbine wont get clogged up and enables powerful long lasting suction.

Powerful suction, Easy to use .


Clean dishes in no time

Doing the dishes has never been this easy. Our smart dishwashers not only save time and energy, but also come with innovative features to let you control every step of the washing process. Find your dream dishwasher from Samsung and let us take care of the dishes.

Microwave Ovens