Corporate Citizenship


Reaching regional and remote Australia
Our programs are created to be accessible to all young Australians regardless of geographic location or educational background. Engaging with young people from regional and remote Australia - whether it be in creative thinking, social change projects, the arts or leadership activities - is paramount.
Stewart, Pearl and Shakara from Mornington Island (in the Gulf of Carpentaria), were one of five winning groups in our 2014 Samsung Adappt ‘Big Ideas’ competition. Concerned that key elements of their culture were being forgotten, the forward-thinking group came up with ‘Kangka Merri Nurndine’ (Talk, Hear, Forever), an app to preserve their unique Indigenous culture and traditions for generations to come. The app was designed to store Dreamtime stories, language, songs and information on landmarks in their island community. Through the Samsung Adappt experience, the young team saw firsthand how they can create technology to make meaningful community impact. 

Creating meaningful change 
Samsung proudly supports communities helping themselves. One such project, ‘Pulse Café’, was developed by a group of students at Granville Boys High School, Sydney. One such project, ‘Pulse Café’, was developed by a group of students at Granville Boys High School, Sydney. After years of anti-social behaviour in the playground culminated in a stabbing, students decided to open a school café to be run by the students, for the students. The project reinvigorated the school’s community, giving students a sense of ownership and belonging as well as developing their vocational skills. 

Another Samsung supported project, ‘Bust A Move’ provides dance classes for young people with a learning disability. Led by a Brisbane-based dance teacher, the classes not only build fitness and coordination, they also teach self-confidence and independence. Through Samsung’s support, ‘Bust A Move’ received financial, marketing and media assistance. 

‘Homegrown Exchange’, a Samsung Adappt competition winner, aims to support environmentally sustainable practices in the home and promote community engagement. The app is designed to discourage food wastage by connecting backyard gardeners and giving them the opportunity to swap produce, seeds, advice and gardening anecdotes with their neighbours. By taking part in the Samsung Adappt program, the ‘Homegrown Exchange’ team were able to design their app, work with professionals to create its interface and see their idea turned into a digital prototype.