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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5

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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5
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Diversifying in Electronics

Diversifying in

Samsung Electronics was founded in 1969 and quickly became a major manufacturer in the Korean market.

During this initial period a burst of growth came from the burgeoning home electronics business and the company began exporting its products for the first time. Samsung Electronics also acquired a 50 percent stake in Korea Semiconductor; further solidifying Samsung Electronics’ position as a leader in semiconductor manufacturing.


  • Began mass production of microwave ovens
  • Developed VHS VCRs
  • Acquired Korea Electronics Information Co.


  • Produced 4 million black-and-white TVs (the most in the world)
  • Established first overseas office in the Untied States (SEA)


  • Started exporting colour TVs
  • Began mass producing colour TVs
  • Acquired Korea Semiconductor Co.


  • Produced 1 million black-and-white TVs


  • Launched world’s third ‘Quick Start’ system TV (Product Name: Econo TV)


  • Began washing machine and refrigerator production


  • Began production of black-and-white televisions for the domestic market


  • Began exporting black-and-white TVs to Panama


  • Black-and-white TV (model: P-3202) production started by Samsung-Sanyo


  • Samsung-Sanyo Electronics was established (renamed Samsung Electro-Mechanics in March 1975 and merged with Samsung Electronics in March 1977)
  • Established “Samsung Electronics Industry Co Ltd.”